Lisan Arabi ( An Arabic Tongue) is an attempt to teach Arabic and to render some relevant services to people who are interested in the Arabic language and culture. As language has always been the medium to communicate knowledge among nations, teaching Arabic to speakers of other languages is a means to provide people with the chance to explore Arabic culture and language and to eventually be able to communicate directly with Arabic native speakers. 
Through language, Lisan Arabi aims at building a bridge that connects the Arabic culture with other cultures and nations where the bricks we lay are the good words and the bonds the sincere intentions.

In addition to the cultural role, Lisan Arabi renders sevral services related to Arabic language and cutlure.
We welcome any comment or contribution to support our project and make it successful.
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Online Quizzes
Lisan Arabi provides a spectrum of service related to Arabic Langauge and culture. The high standard services include: teaching Arabic and English to all levels, translation and interpretation, reseach assistance, presentational skills and more. Read more..
Lisan has an ongoing database of online interaactive quizzes for  students of all levels. These quizzes can work on any device conneted to the internet. They are easy to load and fun to do. These quizzes are designed to enhance your learning rather than testing. Visit our quiz page here.
ASFAAR is the e-store of Lisan Arabi for worksheets and teaching material for students and teachers of Arabic.

ASFAAR is the blog of Lisan Arabi where we share with you some ideas and opinions and the teaching methods and learning aspects and styles.

We provide high-quality worksheets that are carefully designed to meet the needs of the learners of all ages.

This section is for the poem of the week. We select some poems of famous Arabic poets and translate them and publish them through our channel on YouTube. 

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