016-C [Converted]

ASFAAR is the e-store of Lisan Arabi for worksheets and teaching material for students and teachers of Arabic.

ASFAAR is the blog of Lisan Arabi where we share with you some ideas and opinions and the teaching methods and learning aspects and styles.

We provide high quality worksheets that are carefully designed  to meet the needs of the learners of all ages.

016-C [Converted]



  • The choice of graphics.
  • The choice of colours (learner friendly).
  • The types of fonts ( leaner friendly and ink economical).
  • The amount of information in each sheet is well proportioned, well selected, well graded and repeated.
  • The material is chosen to fit with reading, speaking and writing skills. The teacher can also use the sheets for listening activities.
  • The element of transfer domain in the material is well proportioned so that the content of the worksheet covers and mixes both Arabic and European cultures together.

We also render the service of designing Adobe photoshop, powerpoint and keynote presentations. All with HQ graphics and thousands of themes for all occasions, seminars, conferences, lessons, and lectures.