Enrich your vocabulary set 3

Enrich your vocabulary set 3

This video below introduces 11 items of vocabulary. These 11 items include the two non-connective  letters [د -ذ] in various positions within the word. After you have watched the video and learned the words, you can scroll down to do the interactive quiz to check your progress.

Arabic Vocabluary ONLY:

This resource may look simple to most learners. Actually, I designed it to be so. Although it is simple, it is very helpful for all levels of non-native speakers of Arabic once it is used properly. Such activities gain their power from their simplicity. If you watch the video you notice:

– No language but Arabic is used on the screen as I am very keen on avoiding mother language interference when I make these videos, unless it is an instruction or a point that requires explanation or can not be illustrated through graphics or images.

Simple images with no distractors to keep the learner’s focus on the identified (image) and the identifier (sound/written form).

– Clear native speaker voice is used to make sure that the learners hear all sounds of Arabic letters pronounced properly and naturally especially the challenging ones such as: ص ،ض، ظ، ح، ع، غ، ق

– The words selceted are everday voacbualry items

– Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) is used which is closer to the dialects of most Arab countries.

Remember to repeat the word after you hear it. Pause or rewind the video before you proceed if you are not sure that you can say the word properly.

Focus on the image to know the meaning and the written form of the word to gain fluency in reading. DON’T translate in your head. Say the word aloud several times in Arabic to avoid the mental translation. Close your eyes if you want and envisage the written form or the image when you are saying the word.



Vocabulary set 3

This quiz covers Arabic vocabulary items with the two letters : (ذ - د  ) occurring in different positions within the word. 

Look at the image and choose the correct answer.

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