Enrich Your Vocabulary

Enrich Your Vocabulary

This video below introduces 26 items of vocabulary which include the first four letters of the Arabic Alphabet (أ – ب – ت – ث) in various positions within the word. After you have watched the video and learned the words, you can scroll down to do the interactive quiz to check your progress.




Arabic Vocabulary

This quiz covers Arabic vocabulary items with the first four letters of the Alphabet (أ - ب - ت -ث) occurring in different positions within the word. 

Look at the image and choose the correct answer.

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2 thoughts on “Enrich Your Vocabulary

  1. Thanks . Very useful exercises for vocab and I’ve always liked the way you encourage going back through the exercises with a different order.. but… I wonder if you could do the letters a bit bigger as on my computer screen (which is big but not very modern) I could not see the pointing and spelling properly for the words I wasnt sure of so I am not sure if I am learning correctly

    1. Thank you for your interest in Arabic and Lisan Arabi. I am sorry for the inconvenience about the letter size. I am using a plugin to produce these exercises. The plugin does not allow the users to choose the font size. I contacted the plugin provider to allow the users to control the font size and hopefully they will consider this note in their next upgrade.
      Thank you for raising this issue.
      Our kindest regards

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