Subject Verb Agreement

Subject Verb Agreement

The verb in Arabic includes the following items of information:

  1. Meaning
  2. Time reference
  3. Gender reference
  4. Grammar case [mabni/murab]
  5. Number

Subject-verb agreement [SVA], therefore, is an agreement of gender and number. Of course this is the case only when the verb follows the doer [subject] of the verb but not when the verb precedes the doer.

Look at the charts below and notice how [ا], [و], [ي] and  [ن] function as indicators of gender and number suffixed to the verb.







When the verb precedes the subject the verb is either singular masculine or singular feminine.



Now you can do this quiz to check your understanding of the Subject-Verb agreement.

Subject Verb Agreement

Try to complete the sentence with the correct form of verb that agrees with the subject [pronoun] given.

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