the secod part of the nominal sentence is called xabar. The word xabar mean news. Actually the equation of the nominal sentence is that the first part starts a noun mubtadaɁ and the second part provides information xabar (news) about the mubtadaɁ . The table below shows the types of xabar a nomina sentence may have.
The predicate xabar as a proper noun. Read the following simple sentences
The subject mubtadaɁ is connected to (defined by) the first person possessive adjectives (my, our).

The predicate xabar can be a preposition followed (connected to) a pronoun.
The predicate xabar can also be an adverb followed by (connected to) a pronoun.

The predicte (xabar) in this case is a combination of two nouns joined by relation( idhafa). The rules of idhaf which you have studied in the part of the subject (mubtadaɁ) are the same applied here.
Similar to mubtadaɁ, xabar can be a combination of a pronoun attached to a noun. That is idhafa to a pronoun. In this case the xabar cannot be defined by (ال) as it is already defined by the relation to the pronoun.

As we mentioned in the first part, when the sentence starts with a noun, it is said to be nominal (equational) sentence even if a verb follows in the course of the sentence. The verbal sentence within the nominal sentence then will be considered the predicate (xabar) of this sentence.
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