This poem was written by Mikha'il Na'ima (The famous Lebanese poet ).
In this poem, Na'ima speaks about the internal conflict between 'body and soul'. The poem questions this ongoing conflict between good and evil within the self. However, the poet leaves the question open-ended with an indirect and underneath current of questioning not the existence of God but rather the complexity of the moral conflict in the human heart.
However, there is a clear sign of his belief in the goodness of humans or the innateness  of mankind which is all-good. He starts the poem claiming that when the devil has entered his heart, it finds an angel already therein. In this metaphor of fight between an angel and the devil, Na'ima gives the angel (the symbol of good nature) the precedency and thus the right to claim the human heart his dwelling. Furthermore, Na'iam indirectly considers the devil an intruder or an outsider as he is a late-comer into the human heart. In the last lines, Na'ima gently questionsnotion of God's interference in the individual's life. It sounds as if he were asking 'where are you God? I need your help! is there another God whom I can seek for help?'
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