The Arabic Nuremburg's Rehabilitation Centre, The Graduation Exam
Here is a satirical poem from Al-Maghout's popular collection I Will Betray My Nation. This poem can be  used to teach interrogation and negative in Arabic. The poem is easy and fun for roleplaying. The role of the convict or resident of the rehabilitation centre can be easily played by the students. This role is just repeating the three answers: I forgot, I do not remember, and I do not know. The poem is also very useful to introduce many vocabulary ranging from personal information and general knowledge questions to political language items. The PDF includes grammar notes and exercises to practice interrogation and negation. There are some other text related exercises as well. The teacher can add more in case he or she wants to elaborate and practice more. The homework can be answering the questions in the last set. There is also an audio file for the reading of the poem for self-studying. This poem can be taught over two sessions.
alt : magh.pdf
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