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Our high quality services are rendered and rounded off with passion and professionality to make our clients satisified and more succesful.
Study Arabic at Your Convenience
Are you tired of commuting to your class? Or do you feel guilty about travelling time and expenses? Lisan Arabi can help you head off all the hassel.

No matter where you are, at home, in the office, or laze around in your favourite cosy cafe, you can while away your time and indulge in the richness of Arabic, soak up the lesson and brush on your language skills. All it takes a Skype account.

You don't have to waste time and energy to write down everything, unless you are requested to do a writing task. All our resources are designed to be used online during the session and can be sent to you as PDF files with the notes made for revision and practice. 

Also, we have quiz database for our students to use so they can measure their progress. 

Usually, a Skype session is one hour long.
The lessons can be agreed on in regard of the student's needs and interests.

The first session is  free.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you rquire more information.

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  1. Resources
    Lisan Arabi provides schools, teachers and students with all types of worksheets and presentations required or requested for any Arabic exam or lesson according to their interests and requirements.
  2. Higher Education
    Lisan Arabi provides courses and assistance to under- and postgraduate students who are doing researches in or about Arabic language or culture.
  3. GCSE and A-Levels
    GCSE and A Level students can find reliable one-to-one or group assistance including full preparation for their exams.
  4. Teacher Training
    Lisan Arabi provides high standard teacher training including: classroom management, use of technology & educational software, teaching techniques.
  5. Translation & Interpretation
    Professional Interpretation and translation of all kinds both in Arabic and in English.
  6. Presentations
    Lisan renders services for all those who need assistance in making all types of presentations for all occasions including conferences, classes, and meetings.